The Kids Newsletter.

The Kids' Newsletter

The original The Kids' Newsletter was a monthly publication whose primary purpose was to promote elloquent literary communication between our family members and our friends. The website was managed by James Jones.

The original website was intended as a website for Bezenah families. It was maintained by Rose Bezenah, daughter of Jane and Frank Bezenah, to facilitate communition between the Bezenah branches.

As James and Rose have merged our families, they are in the process of merging the KNL website with the site -- with the goal of providing a single source of historical and current information for both our extended families.

This new website carries on the spirit of the KNL, offering genealogy information, an archive of historic and current photos, and more!

The site is still under construction, but check back soon as we will be rolling out new features (including a birthday / anniversary calendar and a family forum) in early 2013!

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